About Designer

Alex Caprice - Designer and Businessman (although some people cannot understand how fire with water could coexist - as you can see, maybe it can) spent his childhood in Eastern Europe, in the cultures of colour, fun, glamour and indescribable luxury. They had the greatest influence on shaping the vision and expression of the designer's collections.

The Brand's philosophy reflects the artist's pseudonym of Alex Caprice. The first term is derived from his name, and the second Caprice means nothing more than a "whim".

The designer creates a kind of craving. They do not have to be practical clothes, carefully considered prior to buying. They arouse emotions and are somewhat whimsy.

Alex Caprice is an artistic soul that defies not only fashion design, but it manifests itself in all aspects of life.

Artistry combined with detail, perfection and the ineffective resistance to nature give it an explosive mixture.

Privately, the Designer is the owner of a pesky cat called Bounty and is addicted to fast driving, adrenaline and challenges. He always wants to be on time, but has never succeeded in this.

Photo by BieĊ„kowska Magdalena Fotografia